Thanksgiving 2018 Letter

Dear Members and Friends of Bayview United Church,

I am glad that we celebrate Thanksgiving Day every year in Canada as I often take for granted the many things for which I should be thankful. This year I am especially thankful for the fact that I was able to celebrate my 80th birthday. That means I can now hit from the forward tees at most golf tournaments. But more seriously it means that I have reasonably good health and can hopefully look forward to many more years of healthy living. I am also thankful that we have a good healthcare system in Canada. It is not perfect but people do not have to go into bankruptcy to remain healthy. Tests and procedures quite often take longer than we would like but they do eventually get done.

As we celebrate our 4th anniversary as Bayview United Church we can all be thankful that we can practice our religion openly without fear. We all know about the hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims who have had to flee the predominantly Buddhist Myanmar to realize that religious freedom is not universal. Let us hope and pray that these people will be given a place they can call their home.

The following are some of the upcoming worship services and events. Please let your family and friends know about our annual bazaar.

Sunday Oct. 7 11:00 am – Thanksgiving Sunday and the celebration of World Wide Communion.
Friday Oct. 7 – Preparing for the Bazaar at the church.
Saturday Oct. 13 – 12 noon to 3:00 pm – 2018 Food and Craft Bazaar
Sunday Oct. 14 11:00 am – Worship Service followed by Mini Bazaar
Sunday Nov. 4 11:00 am – Annual Memorial Worship Service

With Thanks

Kaz Shikaze
Stweardship Ministry Team Leader