Bayview United Church Mission Statement
As a diverse and inclusive Christian community, our mission is to empower individuals to connect with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and equip them to live their faith in just and compassionate ways that will help transform themselves, their neighbourhood and the world.

Bayview United Church (BUC) is one of several thousand churches of the United Church of Canada. It was formed in 2014, by the amalgamation of Centennial-Japanese United Church and Oriole-York Mills United Church. Previously, CJUC was formed in 1986 by the amalgamation of Toronto Japanese United Church (Nisei Congregation) and Centennial United Church. In 2006, CJUC and the Toronto Japanese United Church moved to the building of Lansing United Church. In September 2011, CJUC moved to Oriole-York Mills United Church and in November 2011, TJUC amalgamated into CJUC.

BUC is a member of the Shining Waters Regional Council (a cluster of churches located in the Toronto area).